Tuesday, September 25, 2007

DMK Ferret Rescue

For any animal lovers out there this post is sad and at the same time it amazes me to see people who don't know each other come together. There is a ferret breeder in Ohio that organizations having been trying to close down for years. Due to whatever circumstance, this is finally happening. The ferrets are breeders and have been caged out doors in the elements in cramped filthy quarters. Often the water would freeze during the winter and the ferrets would have to lick ice to get their water intake. Food was just tossed into the cages. These ferrets pose special problems, they are unsocialized, underweight, have never slept in a warm cozy bed, need health shots , are not desexed or demusked and jills(females) taken in could very well be pregnant. I have put out a call to Florida shelters and have made contact with people setting up transport lines. There are 850 ferrets in need of care and I can only hope that we as a Florida ferret community can take in some of these babies What has me awed is the way people have come together to donate time and money. Transport volunteers are being set up from north to south and east to west. Shelters and individuals are trying to spread these ferrets out across the country so there is no heavy burden in one place. It seems to be coming together. Truck loads of goods have been shipped to the main rescue and donations are coming in....more are needed. Supposedly Walmart and several ferret stores are giving discounts if you ship to Lori Sies of Ferrets Dream Shelter. Can you imagine finding 850 ferrets homes and not one having to be put down for lack of space to stay. .

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